Yellow EP

Loose Records / LR03

As a sublabel of the respected Rilis, Loose is on the roll with a series of impressive, futuristic pressings. Following the Black and Red EP comes a new gem named Yellow. Here Rino Cerrone teams up with some of his friends Maurizio Viteillo and Umberto Carmignani. These men slam down a solid stripped down techno ep with stunning quality and superb craftmenship. It’s not about huge breaksdown, full on snare action or maxx’d out bass…no this is the subtle material, where each addional sound has it’s very own position and function.  Giving the track a new dimension and more and more groove. This stuff is built like an Italian Ferrari, it doesn’t just look good - each and every part is put together with the same amount of dedication and love for the work! Watch out for the incredible “Ring your Bells” - this one is bound to mash up floors! Loose bonus 02 - Maurizio Vitiello - “Syncopaiz”  Second special issue for Beatport exclusive. The up growing italian artist Maurizio Vitiello releases this excellent magnetic track. “Syncopaiz” is deep, electric. It has got warm kick and fused bass line. A progressive intro drives up a quadri-tonal phrase, pushing up the dancefloor. Hi definition and well architected voltage sounds made it an hypnotic avant garde minimal tune. Be careful!! Only available on!


  1. Uto Karem - Different Shapes (Original Mix)